Here it is—at long last—Making the Gospel Known Ministries’ Blog Site!

Greetings to all those interested in interacting about getting the glorious gospel out to as many as we can before it is too late.

What will matter 150 years from now? I read this question from author, Mark Cahill a few weeks ago. What a question! What a face to face reality check! Don’t you agree?

People are dying at an astonishing rate—approximately 150,000 each day. Are you and I as concerned with the eternal state of these people’s souls as we ought to be? How can we grow in compassion? How can we reach these people? How can we, in the midst of such busy lives, have our hearts and minds more focused on what WILL matter in 150 years?

On this site, we want to deal with such issues. We also want to consider how parents can impact their children’s hearts for eternity? As important as material provision, health, education, and psychological development are for our children, what will matter in their lives in 150 years?

As the founder of Making the Gospel Known Ministries, I want to encourage thinking and dialogue on this site. I welcome you and hope you will regularly check in with us. Please spend some time exploring the site. If our ministry can serve you in any way, let us know!

God bless,

Chris Peeler