Equipping Families

Dwell Richly Marriage Seminar

  • Understand God’s purpose in marriage
  • Separate sessions:
    • Husbands – “Loving Your Wife”
    • Wives –  “The Heart of a Godly Wife”
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Be trained in how to deal well with conflict
  • Wage war against ruts
  • Cultivate a joyful understanding of God-given roles
  • Maintain relational intimacy: romance and sex
  • Determine to live in the gospel with your spouse

Art of Communication Marriage Workshop

So often, marital strife springs from poor communication. In this workshop, Chris and Linda lay a Biblical foundation for God’s wisdom in communication.  Building on that foundation, much focus is given on the practical art of communication. Husbands and wives learn how to be good communicators and good listeners. One highlight of the workshop is the time given for couples to practice what they learn.

Gospel-Driven Parenting Seminar

Many parents are confused and bewildered. Others have some clear ideas, but no clear, systematic plan. The Gospel-Driven Parenting Seminar provides parents with a solid, principled approach to raising children God’s way, from the cradle to the teen years.

  • Establish a Bible-saturated home environment
  • Focus on heart issues
  • Open a child’s closed spirit
  • Deal with rebellion and disobedience
  • Build close relationships that will last

Gospel-Driven Parenting Teens Seminar

  • Use the teen years to prepare for adulthood
  • Understand and combat worldliness at the heart level
  • Raise godly standards in relationship-rich environment
  • Teach children about sex, purity, and romance
  • Establish a God-focused vision for home and life during the teen years