MGKM provides exciting teaching, training and practical hands-on experience to help believers gain the confidence and skills needed to share their faith effectively and biblically.

Reaching the Lost

  • One-on-one preaching
  • Distributing gospel tracts (“Never go out without your tracts.” Spurgeon)
  • Evangelistic Bible studies
  • Outreaches to nursing homes, assisted living homes, etc
  • Weekly evangelistic outreaches
  • Short-term mission trips

Though MGKM leads in all of the above, the main thrust of reaching the lost is found in Acts 17:17, where the apostle Paul was in the Athenian market place daily, proclaiming Christ to “whoever happened to be there.”  Our goal is to deploy believers all over the area, helping them to daily engage their market places with the glorious gospel!  Evangelism, after all, is not a program or an event, but a vigorous lifestyle.

Equipping Believers to  Reach the Lost

Equipped and Unashamed Evangelism Training Course

Making the Gospel Known Ministries is ready to provide exciting teaching, equipping and practical experience to help you gain the confidence and skills needed to share your faith effectively and biblically.

  • Develop a theology of evangelism
  • Bask in the power and beauty of the gospel
  • Get a grip on your fears
  • Put on Compassion
  • Be trained: learn how to start, continue and finish gospel conversations
  • The Law? Really??
  • Practice by role-playing

Weekly Outreaches

MGKM provides regular weekly outreaches for evangelism and giving practical hands-on instruction for those learning to share their faith.