How Are Dead Men Made Alive (Part 2)

How Are Dead Men Made Alive (Part 2)

Having spent much time (in previous blogs) emphasizing our responsibility to be ambassadors, heralds, emissaries of God in reaching the lost, consider now how meaningless and useless all of it is, without God’s work.

Here, please consider the words of our friend, J.I. Packer:

“Unless there is some other factor in the situation, over and above our own endeavors, all evangelistic action is foredoomed to failure.  This is the fact, the brute, rock-bottom fact, that we have to face.”

Packer then discusses the disillusionment that comes to well-meaning Christians when their efforts fail in seeing people converted, especially seeing lots of people converted.  Then, he hits the nail on the head on how to handle this disillusionment:

“What is the cure of our disillusionment?  First, we must admit that we were silly ever to think that any evangelistic technique, however skillful, could of itself guarantee conversions; second, we must recognize that, because man’s heart is impervious to the Word of God, it is no cause for surprise if at any time our evangelism fails to result in conversions; third, we must remember that the terms of our calling are that we should be faithful, not that we should be successful; fourth, we must learn to rest all our hopes of fruit in evangelism on the omnipotent grace of God.”