A note from Pastor John Desousa from Shore Christian Fellowship. After reading, get on board. Give us a call and we will help train your group in sharing their faith!

I want to thank you for all the excitment you have stirred in the church and for me personally. I’m seeing the Lord do amazing things as I reach out with the gospel and I’m wondering “How did I miss this before???” The stories are starting to amass quickly and we had a family show up this Sunday as a result of a church invitation given in the playground. I was passing a man in the opposite direction on the Cross Island Trail today and he turned down the million dollar tract. I met him again later going the opposite direction and wound up sharing the whole gospel with him. He thanked me profusely and said “You’ve made my day. I don’t know if I’ve made yours, but you’ve made mine. Thank you!” Met a girl yesterday at Quizno’s with the word “Death” tattooed on her arm. Wound up sharing the whole gospel – how could I pass up THAT opportunity??!! Thank you abundantly for helping open my eyes to the opportunities God is constantly giving. I’ll be in touch!John Desousa (Actually the Quizno’s “Death” girl heard the first half about the Law, her co-worker wound up hearing both halves – law and grace, and thanked me profusely for sharing. That blows my mind! They’re thanking me?? Wow! Praise God!)