What Are Right Motives For Evangelizing? (part 5)

Mr. Packer continues to instruct us about proper motives and proper motivation!  If you are like me, you often have to deal with a lack of motivation and a very real reluctance to go and to broadcast the gospel.  Please allow these words to stir you deeply in your soul.

“It is the nature of love to be enterprising.  If you love someone, you are constantly trying to think out what is the best you can do for him and how best you can please him, and it is your pleasure to give him pleasure by the things you devise for him.  If, then, we love God—Father, Son, Holy Spirit—for all they have done for us, we shall muster all our initiative and enterprise to make the most that we can of every situation for their glory—and one chief way of doing this is to seek out ways and means of spreading the gospel, and obeying the divine command to make disciples everywhere. “

“Similarly, if we love our neighbor, we shall muster all our initiative and enterprise to find ways and means of doing him good.  And one chief way of doing him good is to share with him our knowledge of Christ.  Thus, if we love God and our neighbor, we shall evangelize, and we shall be enterprising in our evangelism.”

Wow!  What incredible insight!  ALL OUR INITIATIVE AND ENTERPRISE . . . ENTERPRISING IN OUR EVANGELISM . . .  Just think of the joy that lies ahead of you as you seek God to give it all to reach those who are lost!