What Are Right Motives For Evangelizing (part 4)

Loving our neighbor—in the words of Packer—continued
“There is something very wrong with us if we do not ourselves find it natural to act in this way: let us be quite clear about that.  It is a great privilege to evangelize; it is a wonderful thing to be able to tell others of the love of Christ, knowing that there is nothing that they need more urgently to know, and no knowledge in the world that can do them so much good.”

“We should not, therefore, be reluctant and backward to evangelize on the personal and individual level.  We should be glad and happy to do it.”

Not Reluctant!  Not Backward!  Instead–Glad and Happy to do it!  Indeed!

Oh, please, dear saint of God, let these words pierce your heart.  Please, please ponder and fall on your knees before Jesus and ask him to forgive you for your reluctance.  (I have to do this all the time!)  Then, ask Him to fill you with genuine love and boldness.  Then, go!  And, then, keep going!  Glad and Happy!