What Are Right Motives For Evangelizing? (part 6)

Ever hear the saying “short but sweet?”  In the last entry concerning our the motive of love for our neighbor in evangelizing, here is a short but sweet exclamation point to the last few blogs from Mr. Packer . . .

“We shall not ask with reluctance how much we have to do in this realm as if evangelizing were a distasteful and burdensome task.  We shall not inquire anxiously after the minimum outlay of effort in evangelism that will satisfy God.  But we shall ask eagerly, and pray earnestly to be shown,  just how much it is in our power to do to spread the knowledge of Christ among men; and once we see what the possibilities are, we shall give ourselves wholeheartedly to the task.”

Dear one, “Wholeheartedly to the task!”

Amen and amen!  What more needs to be said?