What Are Right Motives For Evangelizing (part 3)

Love, love, love, love, love, love!!!!  Aren’t we glad that GOD SO LOVED us?!!! That He sent His son!!!  And, that He fills us with that love for our neighbor.  Oh, how we need to pray for God to overwhelm us with that love—so that we are compelled to go and bring others to Christ.

We have been considering words from J.I. Packer.  We will continue to do so here.  I just don’t know that it is possible to put it any better than this.  May I ask that you not only read the following words, but that you drink them in and deeply ponder them?  I know I have done so, and they have had a huge impact on me . . .   “ . . . when we find ourselves in contact with men and women who are without Christ and so face spiritual death, we are to look on them as our neighbors in this sense and ask ourselves what we can do to make Christ known to them.”

“It is a tragic and ugly thing when Christians lack desire, and are actually reluctant, to share the precious knowledge that they have with others whose need of it is just as great as their own . . .”  TO BE CONTINUED . . .