Just What Is Evangelism (Part 6)

So, what is an ambassador?  For the answer to that question, let’s enjoy the beautiful description offered by Packer.  “He is the authorized representative of a sovereign.  He speaks not in his own name, but on behalf of the ruler whose deputy he is, and his whole duty and responsibility is to interpret that ruler’s mind faithfully to those to whom he is sent.”

Oh, if we can only grasp the significance of this reality.  Wherever we go, whoever we interface with, we represent the King of kings and Lord of lords.  We communicate what He has commanded us to communicate.  We are bold, because we have both the words of life and the absolute authority from the One who rules the universe to deliver those words.  Therefore, when we go into a setting where there are unbelievers, as hard as it might be to grasp this, we are the most important people in the room.

Why?  Because we carry with us the words of eternal life to those who are perhaps a split second away from plunging into outer darkness.

So, dear one, go forth, bearing that precious seed of the gospel.  Onward, dear herald!  Speak forth Mr. Ambassador.  Preach this gospel until you have no more breath to preach it!