Christ The Savior Or The Fairy Godmother (Part 2)

So if not Christ, the fairy godmother or the super-psychiatrist, THEN WHAT?  Continuing from his words from last blog, Packer continues…

” . . . we have to go deeper than this.  To preach sin means not to make capital out of people’s felt frailties (the brain washer’s trick), but to measure their lives by the holy law of God.  To be convicted of sin means not just to feel that one is an all-around flop, but to realize that one has offended God, flouted his authority, defied Him, gone against Him and put oneself in the wrong with him.  To preach Christ means to set him forth as the One who, through his cross, sets men right with God again.  To put faith in Christ means relying on Him and Him alone, to restore us to God’s fellowship and favor.”

Let’s go forth, then, preaching the real gospel, the real Christ, the real word of reconciliation.  Let’s buck the trend and not water this glorious gospel down to a feel-good fairy tale that has no reality.  The truth is that people have rebelled against the God of the universe.  They are a hairbreadth away from perishing into everlasting torment.  They desperately need to be saved.  Jesus Christ is their only hope.  Let’s call them to repentance and to believe in Jesus!